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Hii5 Radio’s listeners are treated to high-quality entertainment-packed radio shows song after song. There are several types of internet radios, and Hii5 Radio wants to be at the top of their viewers’ radio playlists by offering listener-centric shows around the clock.

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Welcome to Hii5 Radio! We strive to bring you top-class entertainment with our lineup of fantastic radio programs, delivering song after song to keep you engaged. At Hii5 Radio, we are dedicated to being at the top of your list with our listener-centric approach. Our goal is to provide you with a diverse range of programs that cater to your interests around the clock. Tune in to Hii5 Radio for a unique listening experience that will keep you coming back for more.


Website: hii5radio.live

Language: Swahili

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +256 788 098004

Address: Kihihi, Uganda

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