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About KDR 100.3FM

KDR 100.3FM is a local radio station situated in Karuguuza Town on Kirembo Hill in Kibaale town council, Kibaale district. It was founded and is owned by Hon. Kasaija Matia. The station offers a diverse range of programs, including news, music, educational shows, and developmental content. Serving as a vital communication hub in the community, KDR 100.3FM plays a crucial role in keeping listeners informed, entertained, and engaged with relevant information and entertainment. Broadcasting at 100.3 FM, KDR is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of the local populace through its impactful programming.

More Information

Karuguuza Development Radio-KDR 100.3FM is a vibrant local radio station nestled in Karuguuza Town on Kirembo hill in Kibaale town council, Kibaale district. Founded and owned by the esteemed Hon. Kasaija Matia, KDR 100.3FM serves as a beacon of information and entertainment for the community. With a focus on delivering insightful news, engaging music, educative shows, and impactful developmental programs, KDR 100.3FM stands as a pillar of communication and connection for the people of Kibaale. Tune in to KDR 100.3FM to stay informed, entertained, and inspired.


Website: www.kdrfm.com

Language: Swahili

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +256 778 002827

Address: Karuguuza Town, Uganda

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KDR 100.3FM