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About MMU Radio 105.2 FM

Mountains of the Moon University has established MMU Radio. The Radio hopes to help the university by funding training, research, and community outreach. We are a unique and uncommon community radio station headquartered at a university.

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Welcome to MMU Radio 105.2 FM - an establishment of Mountains of the Moon University. Our radio station aims to support the university's mission by facilitating training, research, and community outreach initiatives. As a university-based community radio station, we are proud to be unique and rare in our approach to broadcasting. Stay tuned to MMU Radio 105.2 FM for a diverse range of programs that cater to our academic community and beyond. Join us in our journey to promote education, culture, and connectivity through the power of radio. Tune in and be a part of something special with MMU Radio!



Language: Swahili


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Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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