Y FM 92.8


About Y FM 92.8

Y FM 92.8 is a very tiny radio station that has a positive impact on the students’ lives and passions. The radio enjoys presenting its listeners with the type of passion for education and other enjoyable things that students are interested in in a very positive way.

More Information

Tune in to Y FM 92.8, a radio station dedicated to students, making a big impact despite its smaller size. Focused on enhancing the lives and passions of students, this station is a hub for educational content and student-centric entertainment. Y FM 92.8 is all about fostering a love for learning and providing engaging programming that resonates with young listeners. Join the Y FM community and immerse yourself in a world that celebrates education and everything that sparks the curiosity and interests of students.


Language: Swahili

Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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Y FM 92.8