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About Captain Virus FM

Captain Virus FM is an internet radio station from Uganda that broadcasts music, discussion shows, and news. The station broadcasts a wide range of music genres, entertaining conversation shows, and the most recent news from Uganda and across the world. This is a simple and enjoyable radio station that aims to offer a comfortable environment for listeners to relax, study, obtain information, and enjoy music. Its objective is to be a companion for Uganda’s radio listeners. Captain Virus FM is gaining popularity among hundreds of listeners as it provides an easy and entertaining listening experience. This may be an excellent internet radio station for Ugandans and anybody interested in Ugandan music and culture.

More Information

Introducing Captain Virus FM, the online radio station from Uganda that offers a diverse range of programs encompassing music, talk, and news. Tune in to enjoy a blend of music genres, captivating talk shows, and the latest updates from Uganda and worldwide. Captain Virus FM aims to create a cozy atmosphere for listeners to unwind, stay informed, and groove to good music. Serving as a companion for radio enthusiasts in Uganda, this station is steadily gaining a dedicated following. With its simple and delightful listening experience, Captain Virus FM is becoming a go-to online radio destination for Ugandans and individuals intrigued by Ugandan music and culture. Dive into the vibrant world of Captain Virus FM for an enriching and entertaining radio experience like no other.



Language: Swahili

Email: [email protected]

Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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