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About 93.3 KFM

KFM is Uganda’s most popular English radio station, with a diverse range of projects and music genres, including news, dramatization, parody, syndicated programming, contemporary music, and today’s top singles. Focused on English-speaking specialists and officials aged 25 to 40, KFM’s promise of superior data and music has been a winning formula with its audience. KFM is owned and operated by Monitor Publications Limited (MPL) and broadcasts from MPL’s central station in Namuwongo.

More Information

Tune in to 93.3 KFM, your go-to broadcast radio station in Kampala, Uganda! Stay informed with the latest news updates and groove to the best of Pop and R&B music. Whether you're looking to catch up on current affairs or just vibe to some great tunes, 93.3 KFM has got you covered. Join us for a mix of captivating news stories and hit songs that will keep you entertained throughout the day. Experience the perfect blend of information and music on 93.3 KFM - your ultimate radio destination in Kampala, Uganda.


Website: kfm.co.ug

Language: Swahili

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +0782802857

Address: 12141 kampala, UGANDA

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93.3 KFM