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About Afromusic Radio

Afromusic Radio is Africa’s newest and hottest dance hit station, and it has swiftly become the popular and favored radio station among Africa’s urban youth. With Africa’s top DJs and comic talent behind the mic, along with unique individuals both on and off the radio.

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Welcome to Afromusic Radio, Africa's latest and hottest dance hit station that has captured the hearts of urban Youth across the continent. Our lineup features the best DJs in Africa spinning the latest tracks, accompanied by top-tier comedy talent bringing the laughs. Tune in to experience a vibrant mix of music, entertainment, and interesting characters both on the airwaves and behind the scenes. Afromusic Radio is your go-to destination for fresh beats, infectious rhythms, and the pulse of African youth culture. Join us for an unforgettable radio experience that will keep you dancing and smiling all day long!



Language: English

Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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