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Kampala FM broadcasts live from the heart of Kampala City and has become a popular radio station among listeners around the country because it provides the greatest musical experience possible. The radio station strives to provide top-tier programming in comparison to other radio stations in the city.

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Tune in to Kampala FM, broadcasting live from the heart of Kampala City! Widely loved by listeners across the country, Kampala FM is a top choice for those seeking the ultimate musical experience. With a commitment to delivering best-in-class programs, this radio station stands out among others in the city. Join the vibrant community of listeners who rely on Kampala FM for great music and engaging content. Experience the essence of Kampala's diverse and dynamic music scene right at your fingertips. Kampala FM - your go-to destination for quality radio broadcasting!


Website: www.kampalafm.com

Language: Swahili


Contact Number:

Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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Kampala FM