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About Uganda Online Radio

Uganda Online Radio is an online radio program that spans the globe. Its target audience consists of listeners of all ages from local, regional, national, and worldwide locations. The station is situated in Uganda. It was formed in 2023 by Epuziki Media with three key goals: Inform, educate, and amuse. Uganda Online Radio: Connecting to the Future.

More Information

Introducing Uganda Online Radio, an internet radio broadcast dedicated to covering global news, music, and entertainment. Catering to a diverse audience of all ages, from local to international listeners, this station is based in Uganda and was founded in 2023 by Epuziki Media. With a mission to inform, educate, and entertain, Uganda Online Radio is a platform that strives to connect people to the future through its engaging programs and interactive content. Tune in to Uganda Online Radio for a digital experience that transcends borders and brings the world closer together.



Language: Swahili

Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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