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Tendo Radio broadcasts nonstop from morning to late night, engaging its listeners with high-quality music and musical passion. TendoRadio’s popular and creative morning programming gets listeners excited for the day ahead. TendoRadio is a really fun radio station.

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Tendo Radio is your go-to station from morning till late night, offering non-stop entertainment through top-notch music and unwavering musical passion. Kickstart your day with TendoRadio's popular and fresh morning programs that will surely uplift your spirits and gear you up for the day ahead. With a commitment to keeping their listeners engaged and entertained, TendoRadio stands out as a highly enjoyable radio station, providing a diverse range of music and shows to keep you hooked. Tune in and experience the joy of music with Tendo Radio!


Website: tendoradio.com

Language: Swahili

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +(+256) 7576 26691

Address: Nandala Zone, Nakaloke, Mbale, Uganda

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Tendo Radio