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Ssuubi FM is Uganda’s premier radio station covering a wide range of topics. People in Uganda like radio, and it is one of their primary forms of entertainment and communication, allowing them to elevate their entertainment experiences. Ssuubi FM has been airing since January 2008, with programming and playlists spanning a variety of genres.

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Tune in to Ssuubi FM, the ultimate radio station in Uganda that caters to various targeted subjects. Since its inception in January 2008, Ssuubi FM has been a favorite among Ugandans, offering a diverse range of programs and playlists across different genres. In a country where radio plays a crucial role in entertainment and communication, Ssuubi FM stands out as a go-to destination for uplifting and engaging content. With a dedicated team of presenters and a wide variety of shows, Ssuubi FM continues to captivate audiences and provide a platform for quality broadcasting. Stay connected to Ssuubi FM for a vibrant and enriching radio experience!



Language: Swahili

Contact Number: +256414272049

Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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Ssuubi FM