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About Radiocity 97FM

RadioCity 97FM 97FM broadcasts live from Bugolobi, across over Kampala. This is Radio City! Kampala’s exciting new station. Radiocity provides the audience with only the finest in music, gaming, excitement, and statistics. The administration is an astute televised benefit that recognizes that the target audience’s tastes and inclinations evolve and alter over time and space; as a result, the administration will develop and adapt to suit and remain consistent with its target audience.

More Information

Welcome to Radiocity 97FM! This is Radiocity! Kampala’s finest station. Radiocity offers the listener the best, and we mean only the best in music, sport, entertainment and information. Tune in to experience a world of top-notch programming that will keep you entertained, informed, and engaged. From the latest hits to in-depth analysis of sports events, from captivating entertainment news to informative talk shows, Radiocity has it all. Stay tuned for an unparalleled radio experience that will elevate your day and keep you coming back for more. Radiocity 97FM - your ultimate destination for great music, exciting sports coverage, engaging entertainment, and valuable information.



Language: Swahili

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +256 703 979797

Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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