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One of Radio Wa’s most significant middle ambitions is to help and improve the lives of the people in the region by imparting applications that aid in their formation and education, as well as overly optimistic values and peace-building attitudes. This is the primary reason why one of Radio Wa’s core beliefs is that it recognizes itself as a Community radio: people-focused and network-focused.

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Radio Wa places a strong emphasis on serving and uplifting the community by providing programs that are crucial for its development and education. It aims to instill positive values and promote attitudes that contribute to peace-building in the area. Radio Wa prides itself on being a Community Radio that prioritizes the people and the network, reflecting its commitment to being a platform that is deeply connected to the community it serves. Through its programming, Radio Wa seeks to empower the local population and foster a sense of unity and collaboration among its listeners.



Language: Swahili

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +256 776 898222

Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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Radio Wa