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About Mega FM 102

Mega FM 102’s mission is to inform, educate, entertain, and empower its broad audience to take amazing action. As a result, they seek to meet, exceed, and reinvent existing regulations within the radio industry. More than just broadcasting a wide range of participatory and thought-provoking programming content, they are always actively involved in improving every aspect of their listeners’ lives.

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Welcome to Mega FM 102! Our venture is to tell, teach, entertain and empower our diverse target audience towards superb motion. We strive to meet, exceed, and redefine existing requirements inside the radio enterprise. More than just airing a huge variety of interactive and thought-provoking programming content, we play an active role in enhancing every aspect of our listeners' lives. Tune in to Mega FM 102 for an unforgettable radio experience that goes beyond entertainment. We are here to inspire and uplift you with our innovative and engaging shows. Join us on this journey towards a more vibrant and empowered community.



Language: Swahili

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +256 711 111 666

Address: Independence House Plot 11/13, Olya Road P.O.Box 358 Gulu, UGANDA

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Mega FM 102