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About Makito FM

Makito Radio is a 4Rs internet radio station that broadcasts from Mbarara, Uganda, and serves the rest of the globe via a streaming service. Makito Radio broadcasts a variety of programming, including biographies of well-known persons from throughout the world, space science facts, the finest music all day and night, and local and worldwide news.All of them are well-known shows produced by experienced journalists.

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Makito FM is a popular online radio station that boasts a dedicated fan base due to its engaging programs and entertaining content. With a strong passion for serving their listeners, Makito FM broadcasts a variety of programs every day to keep their audience entertained. Their high-quality shows have earned them a loyal following, making them a prominent player in the online radio industry. Listeners appreciate Makito FM for its commitment to providing top-notch entertainment and creating a truly engaging listening experience. Makito FM's success is evidenced by the immense love and support they receive from their large number of listeners.



Language: Swahili

Address: Mbarara City, Uganda

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Makito FM