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EJazz Extra transmits a wider range of programs, and its devotion to listener preferences makes it an intuitive radio for individuals who value the complete experience. It provides listeners with the experience they expect from a radio like theirs. As a result, overall entertainment and a desire for an engaging encounter make this a popular pick.

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EJazz Extra is your ultimate destination to celebrate the rich and diverse African Identity through the universal language of music. We bring you a curated selection of soulful tunes, rhythmic beats, and captivating melodies that showcase the vibrant sounds of Africa. From traditional rhythms to contemporary tunes, EJazz Extra is dedicated to honoring the cultural heritage and artistic brilliance of the continent. Join us on a musical journey that transcends borders and unites people through the power of music. Tune in to EJazz Extra and experience the magic of African music like never before.


Website: extra.ejazzug.com

Language: English

Email: [email protected]

Address: Kampala, UGANDA

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