102.1 FUFA FM


About 102.1 FUFA FM

102.1 FUFA FM is the official internet radio station of FUFA. The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) governs football in Uganda. The accuracy of the sports information, the quality of the sports education, and the genre of the music are all unparalleled here.

More Information

Tune in to 102.1 FUFA FM, the official online radio station of FUFA, the governing body of football in Uganda. Get ready for an unmatched experience with authentic sports information, quality sports education, and a great selection of music. Stay updated on the latest football news, analysis, and insights, while enjoying a mix of your favorite tunes. Join us on 102.1 FUFA FM for a one-of-a-kind radio experience that caters to sports enthusiasts and music lovers alike.


Website: fufa.co.ug

Language: Swahili

Address: FUFA Complex, Plot 879 Albert Cook Road – Mengo, Kampala, Uganda.

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